Drop ceiling for your store

Suspended ceiling consist of various panels that are placed below your original ceiling, so it are a very good choice as it conceals the surface below. A very positive side of suspended ceiling is that even after you have installed it you can easily access the surface below to install wiring or in case you need to do some other repair work, for example to fix pipes. Suspended ceilings are also used in noisy places or offices as they are very good sound barriers and special acoustic panels can be used. To add lights to the ceiling it is very comfortable, because suspended ceilings consist of different plates and to add a light the plate only has to be lifted and the light added.

Suspended ceilings offer a big variety as their patterns differ from most common hard plastic finish to beautiful soft pattern plates. Most of the suspended ceiling panels can also be washed easily that is a very important special quality. And when something happens to one of the panels it is not very hard to change only one of them, instead of changing the entire ceiling.

The T-Bar panels ceiling can be in different colors and you can choose from different patterns, there are panels that look very simple and basically with no decorations, but also panels covered with flowers, leaves or whatever you like. If you do not know which color to choose, the ceiling panels can be colored after installing them to the ceiling so they would suit the overall color gamma of the room.

Acoustic ceiling panels are designed to improve the sound quality and block noise transmission through the ceiling. Acoustic ceiling panels can be easily installed to existing suspended ceiling grids. As they are easy to install and do not demand a lot of money these ceilings are used quite commonly. Typical places where acoustic ceilings are being used are commercial establishments, like theaters, studios, offices, training rooms etc, but also in educational institutes, for classrooms, lecture halls and gymnasiums. Lately they have expanded to residential homes, home theaters, offices and gyms.

One popular use for acoustic ceilings is to change the appearance of unattractive rooms instantly and lower the height of modern rooms in an affordable way. Heating and cooling ducts can also be hidden behind acoustic ceilings, along with pipes for plumbing fixtures and unsightly wires for overhead lighting.

Aluminum ceilings are installed like all other drop ceilings as the panels are fitted to the previously built framework. Those ceilings are very endurable and look attractive even after long time. As aluminium ceilings consist also from different panels it is not hard to install further lights or ventilation to the ceiling.

Grid ceilings are the perfect solution for any business or home owner that wants and likes a clean cut looking ceiling with only minor building works, but also wants the space above the ceiling to be easily accessible for repair and other works. Grid ceilings are usually installed when a building is being built and almost ready, although installing grid ceilings into an existing structure and finished home is also easily done. These ceilings have many variations from acoustic ceilings to plain panels to meet the preferences and needs of customers.

Ceiling panelshas a very big variety, depending on the kind of material used to produce them and the purpose the panels are used for; there are also some that are made out of wire net, this means that the original material is a metal sheet that has been spitted and stretched to make a metallic wire net. This kind of net can also be used in a lot of different places, including wire net ceilings. The panels made out of metallic wire net are easy to clean and are usually immune to moisture so they do not rust.

Wooden ceiling were used long before plastic or drywall ceilings. They are very beautiful and make the room look very cozy. The wooden ceilings offer a lot of different appearances as there is a big variety of wood that they are made of. So you can choose form dark or light wood and between different patterns on boards and panels. This means that with only covering your ceiling with wood you can make it look very old and antique or modern and new.

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