Floor Heating

Floor Heating System is widely used in Residential and Commercial for many   reasons as follows


Radiant Heating Methods
There are two types of Floor Heating Method.

Hydronic Floor Heating System:
In Hydronic Floor Heating systems water is heated by almost any utility including gas, propane, oil, electricity, solar etc and pumped through installed in floor.

Electric Floor Heating System:
In Electric Floor Heating Systems most usually use conductive wiring installed under tiling to create warm tiles and are usually less expensive compare to hydronic floor heating systems.
The warming is more natural and reduced air circulation brings reduced draughts. The best way to do it is the
film heater by far-infrared rays
we do sale it in Canada for only 8.00 CAD per 1 sqf. at OUR STORE
It spreads carbon element heating from thinned film as well, it is parallel connecting with each element heating, and an activator which is filmed with an absorbent against pollutants. The activator is the newest far-infrared pyrogen on the surface which is manufactured with laminating films after making an electrode contained copper leaf.

It is radiated regular heat on the whole film in case of, comparing the goods with another goods as well, it always makes you feel comfortable radiant heat like sunshine warmly, and it is resulted from far infrared rays effect.

Moreover, the exterior decoration of the film heater is made up PET materials which are contained new materials especially, the film heater is for the ceiling, the surface of a wall and for flat part heater which can nearby semi-permanent use as future material, and it is made specially to defense against air contact.

The Mirae flim heater has some special features which emits heating by spreading from PET flim that is made up high  resistor carbon, and it is a leaf membranous and 1 mittron (1/100mm) by accurate print skill on the progress of work.

it is an element heating film heated by treatment under 140 and is made up Carbon leaf, and it is possible to use semi-permanently unless you scissors out it.
It doesn't need room for boiler and setting PVC. It ensure your comfortable living  with the beginning of the Film Heating emission if it is carryied out the construction work onto adiabatic material. Comparison monthly heating fee. High energy efficient. portfolio

There are 3 ways in which heat is transferred through a building

» In Convection method, heat is transferred by circulating air throughout a building or room.

» In Conduction method, heat is transferred directly from one object to another such as electric cable or the film heater by far-infrared rays.

» In Radiant heated floor, heat is transmitted as electromagnetic energy. Radiant Heated Floors are heated by an under floor heating system and then transmit that heat as radiant heat.

In all type of floor heating system, Radiant floor heating is the most efficient heating method as it warms the body directly rather than by warming the air in the room.

Under Carpet Floor Heating System
Electric Radiant Floor Heating System is very useful for new installations or can be easily installed while renovating.

» It eliminates dust and allergens with heating that doesn't circulate environmental troublemakers throughout your home.

» The system is noiseless, comfortable, safe and economical. Costs as little to operate as your average light fixture.

» Save energy by zone heating, heating only the rooms in use.

» Turn your central heater down to save energy.

» Radiant heat creates comfort at an average of 10°F less than forced air heating.


» Typically,Bigger areas would require combinations of more than one panale for optimum comfort. one heating panel is required to provide optimum comfort in a room.

» Under new carpets, the carpet installer fits the heat panels.

» Under existing carpets, installation is performed by a trained installer in your area, or you can do it yourself with our simple instruction manual.

Under Laminated Floor Heating

Floor Heating for Laminated Wood& Vinyl Sheeting
Us as Subsurface heating offer a specially manufactured heating system for laminated wooden floors as well as for vinyl sheeting which complies to all the rules and specifications of the laminated wood flooring manufactures to prevent the wood from being damaged, or vinyl sheeting to separate between the adhesive and the vinyl. All Hardwood and Laminated Floor Heating are earth shielded heating systems.

Under Tile Floor Heating
Ideal for Marble, Stone, Ceramic Tile, Porcelain, and other hard surfaces.
Under Tile floor heating is becoming the most popular form of heating. It is inexpensive to install, most economical, maintenance free and above all the heat distribution is total. It is invisible in so much as there are no radiators or heaters showing. It can be installed under almost every floor type such as wood, tile and laminate making it ideal for refurbishment projects.

Heat Control
» The under floor heating element is connected to a fully programmable thermostat.
» Thermostat includes both room and floor sensors, so the floor can be kept at the optimum comfort level as well as the room temperature.
» Non programmable thermostats are also available.

Build up height is from1/16 inch" or 2-3 mm, making the heating system perfect for installation in new or renovate homes. Tile heating installation can be performed by following the step by step installation instructions that comes with every heating element for your convenience.

Our Under Tile Floor Heating system is absolutely safe in wet areas, kitchens, baths, utility rooms, and around spa baths

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