Stairs is a perfect place to apply design-history-interior plans because so many of the designs have been used for centuries. There are many kinds of stairs, but some can get really expensive, so we need to watch our budget before we get too carried away in the romance of some of the stairwells available.

Hardwood stairs are naturally very expensive and they need to be installed by professionals. Some types of stairs have an expensive look, but they are really quite cheap to build. Those are the kind I encourage people to build.

One thing in modern homes that is very different than a few decades ago is that long stair runs are now separated by landings. Older homes were small and so long stair runs were necessary, but not anymore.

If you build a home with vaulted ceilings then long stair runs are acceptable, otherwise you should make the stairs more user friendly to older people.

Stairs should be at least three feet wide. Most modern stairways are four feet and wider.

Straight Stairs
The strength and warmth of solid wood make this stair appealing as well as practical for most homeowners.

Curved Stairs
Traditional Curved Stairs
Wrapping your foyer with timeless elegance, stylish curved stairs are always the focal point of a finely built home. Laminated stringers with solid hardwood treads sweep from the upper level in a traditional "Gone with the Wind" style.
Contemporary Curved Stairs
Offered in curved or straight styling, the boxed stringer Contemporary Stair offers heavier treads of solid hardwood, and open risers, and is most often requested when an ultra modern look is required. Straight/Curved glass or Contemporary square pickets often adorn the stringers of this solid beauty, making it a favourite choice of the customer who is decorating in a Contemporary Style.
Spiral Stairs
Specifically designed for square well openings, the spiral stairs ascend like a curved ribbon of wood. The staircase is anchored with an inner 6" Wooden Pole, with solid 2" hardwood treads, onto which is attached the curved and twisted stair rail.
Flared Stairs
The value of the traditional straight stair is combined with the elegance of the curved stair in the flared stair option. Flaring of the first several treads and risers, on one side or both sides, adds an inviting appeal to this hybrid design.
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